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About Us

Purpose-built data analysis for jewelry business

Do you ever feel powerless when your killer jewelry piece goes almost unnoticed on Instagram? Are you curious why other jewelry businesses get multiple times more likes than yours?

In today's attention economy, jewelry brands need the right data recipe more than ever to help improve their presence, reach and engagement on social media. Pantoview strives to provide business insights to fuel your social media growth through the use of statistical modeling and natural language processing.

With 5,000+ jewelry businesses in its dataset, Pantoview generates comprehensive data analysis to help jewelry businesses stay ahead of their competitors and optimize their social media strategy.

Pantoview provides up-to-date business insights and competitive performance, such as follower growth analysis, post engagement analysis, post timing and engagement, highly-engaged post teardown analysis, popular keywords and hashtags analysis, and many more.

Why you can trust us

Most data tools and services on the market are very generic. They require users to invest a large amount of time and give away their privacy just to get the basic metrics. Pantoview is a hands-off, purpose-built jewelry data analysis tool that can provide unparalleled insights out of the box.

The members of Pantoview are industry and academic data science veterans. Similar to the experience Big-Tech and corporation execs receive, Pantoview strives to bring down the data barrier for jewelry businesses, aims to guide companies of all sizes to make more informed decisions based on data-driven business insights, and helps companies organically grow by integrating data into their day-to-day operations.

❤️ Built with a purpose - your data service partner.

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